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The History of BMBC


Brownsville Missionary Baptist Church

A History

The following information is taken principally from three sources:Pioneer Baptist church records of SC Kentucky and Upper Cumberland of Tennessee 1799-1899 ,by C.P Cawthorn and N.L. Warnell. Warren Assoc. of Baptist 1890-2001,and Warren County compiled by Morton French Stahl ;and secondary research of church records conducted by Ruth Lindsey and Mabel Reed ,both long-time members of Brownsville Baptist church.

Year          Messenger Names                                     Members     

1828         David Cutlip,Richard Ray,Warren Moore             129

(103 baptized and 22 dismissed by letter to constitute the Brownsville Baptist church)

On the third Saturday in June 1829, The Brownsville United Baptist church was constituted with the following members dismissed by letter from the Beaver Dam church:

      John Rountree (first sheriff of Edmonson co.)

      Rebbecca Rountree

      Lucy A. Rountree

      Boston(a man of color belonging to John Rountree)

      Augustus M. Barret (first circuit court clerk of Edmonson co.)

      Mary M Barret

      William McFerron

      Susan (a women of color)

      Henery Dixon (Dixon was an early justice of the peace of Warren co. and later Edmonson co.)

      Nancy Dixon

      Asle Davis

      John S. Davis

      Jesse Jones

      Sally Jones

      Delily Jones

      Polly Skaggs

      Elizabeth Skaggs

   The following were added on the third Saturday in July 1829: Polly Stewart,Polly Lindsey,Margaret Thompson,and Jesse Houchin.

   John S. Davis, who was one of the original members of Brownsville Baptist and who would later pastor the church for several years,had this to say in 1873 about the early years of the church:

      " The men who constituted Brownsville church were Elder William Whitman and Elder Alexander Reynolds." This church like many others has endured it's trials. Campbellism sought the destruction of the little vine, but God has watched over it with parental care and it still survives.Quite a number of persons have been converted through instrumentality of this body. Elders John S. Davis and James McCombs were ordained to the gospel by this church. The following brethren have been at different times pastors of the church,Wm.Whitman, Jesse Moon, John Jones, Wm.Kidd, S.H. Morrison, John S. Davis, and I.N. Brown."

   To appreciate the devotion and life of John S. Davis, one needs only to read his obituary in the 1887 minutes of the Green River Association, a portion of which follows:

      " A member of the Baptist Church and an Elder in it, was born February 5,1809, professed religon and was baptized in the year 1828, became a member of Beaver Dam Church, and was set apart to the ministry of the word in 1842. He had for a number of years been a member of Brownsville Church, to which he belonged to the day of his death, which occurred July 16, 1887. He was 78 years, old when he fell asleep in Jesus. He was a member of the church 59 years and minister of the Gospel 45 years. He was a strong believer in the doctrine of the church to which he belonged, and contended for it to the last. Like all good Baptists he loved all good christians."

   In 1829 Brownsville Baptist Church joined the Greenriver Association and would remain a member until 1840. During that time membership in the church varied from a low of 18 in 1834 to a high of 37 in 1838. In 1841 Brownsville became a member of the Liberty Association and would remain so until 1889. During ths fifty-one-year period, tremendous growth and fluctutuation occured in the church ; and it is during this time that preserved church minutes appear. These records start on August 15, 1874, and continue to the present day.

   In 1846 membership stood at twenty-eight but by 1884 was at 109. In 1894 Brownsville Baptist Church had joined the Edmonson Association of Baptist and would continue in that organization until its present  body ,Warren Association of Baptist. Currently, Brownsville Missonary Baptist Chuch remains the only Bapyist church in the county affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and is proud to take part in the local, state, national, and international mission efforts supported by the Convention.

   In its nearly 200 years of sharing the Good News  about Jesus Christ and serving the citizens of Brownsville and Edmonson County, Brownsville Missionary Baptist church has been true to its Baptist roots and doctrines and been active in seeing individuals baptized and welcomed into the Christian faith. As we look forward, we hope future generations will continue to see Brownsville Missionary Baptist Church as a beacon for its dedecation and love to God and its neighbors in Edmonson County and the surrounding areas.


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